What We Do

Civics for Cynics will come to your school, business, workplace, club, faith community or anywhere you want and teach your people how to engage in advocacy and politics in 2-hour, 4-hour and all-day workshops that teach:

  • A refresher on civics and how our government works
  • The rights and responsibilities of American citizens
  • How to change the world your way
  • How to advocate effectively
  • How to write blogs, op-eds and letters to the editor
  • How to use digital and social media to change the world
  • How to hold a meeting with your Congressperson or Senator
  • Why there’s no better time than now to find your cause, use your voice, and make the world a better place

Why should you and your audience take Civics for Cynics Workshops?

Because the United States is in the middle of a social, cultural and political transition that rivals anything we’ve seen in our history. The issues we’re facing are fierce – violence, bigotry, economic insecurity, climate change, poverty, terrorism, ignorance, inequality and that’s just the tip of the iceberg. We’re worried about healthcare and puppy mills, immigration and domestic violence.  We’re passionate about climate change and sustainability and we’re committed to helping women in impoverished countries access clean water and prenatal care. The issues Americans are passionate about are as diverse as the people who live here and they require that every one of us – citizens and non-citizens, parents and business owners, doctors and plumbers, students and waitresses, gardeners, technicians, engineers, soldiers…all of us – take the reins and drive our country in the direction we want it to go. History is watching, the world is waiting and it’s all in our hands.