How We Do It

Civics for Cynics workshops cover a lot of territory. 

We start out with a Basic Civics 101 lesson on the rights and responsibilities of citizens and residents of the United States, how a bill becomes a law and how government works. 

We connect the dots between your ideas, interests and values and the issues you want to advocate for.  

 Then we get to the good stuff –  We teach you how to advocate like a pro and ‘er done!

 Civics for Cynics Workshops cover:

  • 8 steps to advocacy – How to go from brilliant idea to brilliant advocate
    • Deep Dive workshops (4 and 6-hour workshops) include small group and one-on-one coaching on identifying what you’re passionate about and how to advocate for what you want.
  • Writing like an advocate – 13 tips for how to write click-worthy blogs, Op-eds and Letters to the Editor.
    • Deep Dive workshops take the basics and push advocates further.  We teach step-by-step, how to write a blog, letter to the editor, or op-ed article that gets published.  All-day workshop participants leave with finished (or almost finished) pieces and lots of ideas on where to get them published.
  • Using Social Media for Advocacy – 10 tips for posting, tweeting and social media-ing like an advocate
    • Deep Dive workshops include brainstorming sessions on social media platforms and how to develop an advocacy agenda.
  • How to hold a meeting with your Representative – we walk you through the basics from getting an appointment to holding your meeting.
    • Deep Dive workshops include practice advocacy meetings that include bullet points, schmooze and network lessons and how to make friends with your Representative’s scheduler.

Other Deep Dive Options – Want to know more about a particular issue, civics lesson or governmental issue?  That’s what we’re here for: 

  • Foreign Affairs 101 – What does the State Department do anyway?
  • Budget 101 – Just How Does the Government Spend Our Money?
  • Maternal Health Around the World – What global maternal and reproductive health statistics say about the status of women in a country

Tailored Coaching Sessions – Does your group already have an advocacy agenda, but is looking for a bit of fine-tuning and guidance as to what the next steps are? We’ll help coach you through the action steps you can take to ensure your advocacy game is strong.

Price information – Workshop prices vary depending on how deep you want to dive, how many advocates you want to bring along and the length of time you want to hang out with us – plus travel expenses for events held outside the Portland, OR area.   Fill out the form on our CONTACT page, and we’ll come up with a price and package that works for your group.