Civics and Advocacy Workshops that turn even the biggest cynics into engaged citizens and effective advocates

How Civics for Cynics Can Help You Change The World:

Active citizens change the world starting in their own back yards, offices, clubs, churches, schools, and organizations. They tap into what makes them happy, angry, baffled or inspired and use that to influence people in their families and communities and to sway public opinion and influence politics in America. They join with other like-minded people and advocate for what they want. That’s how we change the world – through advocacy.

 Yeah, yeah…we know: That sounds unrealistic, too good to be true, like rainbow-and-unicorn optimism. It sounds time consuming and confusing. Plus, everyone knows that politics is for the rich and powerful, educated and elite, right? Wrong! Believe us, we were cynical too before we learned how simple and effective it is to be an advocate. We want to teach you how to be one too.

Civics for Cynics workshops are tailored to meet your audience’s specific interests and offers deep dives into a variety of topics like foreign affairs and the State Department, advocacy here at home or out in the world, how a bill becomes a law, writing to change the world and how your contributions as an individual can impact change that benefits people everywhere. We start with the issues that are important to you and teach you step-by-step how to impact significant change.